1. The delivery takes place to the address indicated by the Buyer.
  2. If the Seller cannot perform the performance due to the fact that the goods or service are not available, he shall immediately, but not later than within thirty days from the conclusion of the Agreement, notify the Buyer and return the entire sum received from him, if any amount has already been paid.
  3. If the Seller cannot perform a performance with the properties individually ordered by the Buyer due to a temporary inability to meet it, the Seller may, with the Buyer's consent, perform a substitute performance corresponding to the same quality and purpose and for the same price or remuneration or in a different manner agreed by the parties.
  4. The buyer should check the condition of the goods after delivery and in the presence of a representative of the entity performing the delivery (courier, postal operator, etc.).
  5. The Seller is not responsible for failure to deliver the goods for reasons attributable to the Buyer - e.g. as a result of indicating an incorrect delivery address. In such a situation, the Seller will enable the Buyer to collect the goods from the indicated place, e.g. the Seller's premises, if possible, unless the parties agree on a different method of delivering the goods to the Buyer.